Year of New Evangelization 2020

Year 2020

Diocese of Trincomalee

The terminology first used by Saint (pope) John Paul II among the Bishops of Latin America in the year 1983 later to the entire Church. It is very clearly stated in his encyclical Redemptoris Missio no 33, where he speaks of three types of evangelization the Church needs to pay attention.

    1. Mission ad gentes: where the mission of Christ has to be addressed to the whole world.
    2. Christian communities: where the faith is active and alive, the Church continues her mission in those situations with pastoral care.
    3. New Evangelization: where St. John Paul II explains the situation between the two options “where the entire group of the baptized lost the living sense of the faith or even no longer consider themselves members of the Church, and lived a life far removed from Christ and his Gospel. In this case what is needed a New Evangelization or a Re-Evangelization.”

“Our own time, then, must be increasingly marked by new hearing of God’s word and a new evangelization. Recovering the centrality of divine word in the Christian life leads us to appreciate anew the deepest meaning of the forceful appeal of Pope John Paul II: to pursue the mission ad gentes and vigorously to embark upon the new evangelization, especially in those nations where the Gospel has been forgotten or meets with indifference as a result of widespread secularism” (Pope Benedict XVI, Verbum Domini no. 122).

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