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Diocese of Trincomalee

The Persian Christian who came to India formed part of the army of king Datusena and they came to Sri Lanka in the 5th Century.

Where-ever they went they planted crosses.

In the first few centuries there had been Christian visiting Sri Lanka for trade and there had been communities in Jaffna, Anuradhapura and Kelaniya. This cross had been engraved in a rock before the 8th century and found in 1912 at Anuradhapura and is preserved in the museum at Anudharapura.


25/08/1893  Established as Diocese of Trincomalee by Pope Leo XIII.

It was under the administration of the Bishop of Jaffna until the creation of the new Diocese.

The new Diocese included three administrative districts of the Eastern Province: Trincomalee, Batticaloa (Ampara) and Polonnaruwa of the North Central Province.

23/10/1967  Renamed as Diocese of Trincomalee – Batticaloa.

19/12/1975  Lost territory (Polonnaruwa of the North Central Province) to establish Apostolic Prefecture of Anuradhapura.

03/07/2012  Renamed as Diocese of Trincomalee.

Lost territory (Batticaloa and Ampara civil districts) to establish the Diocese of Batticaloa. Its first Bishop being Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Ponniah.

The civil district of Trincomalee consists of Tamil, Sinhala ethnic groups and predominantly Hindu, Buddhist and Islam religious groups.

The Catholic population of the Diocese of Trincomalee is around 00% of the total population which includes both the Sinhala and Tamil speaking Catholics.

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