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Message from the Bishop

In this exponentially growing world of “Media Culture”. I am extremely happy to announce the successful launching of our Diocesan Website. It holds great importance for us since it can be a boon, as a quick means of communication, but let’s not make it a bane and lose our Christian values.

Incidentally as the Catholic Church and a Catholic Diocese it is our primary duty to preach the Word of God and bring God’s love intervention and compassion to all we meet. Our exemplary life is a strong witness to our spirituality and is more powerful than mere preaching.

Essentially as the Religious leader and Bishop I give priority to the Spirituality of the Diocese. Thus we seize every opportunity to lead our people to God. We have in our hands all the sustainable rich resources – the Holy Bible, our daily liturgy and the Eucharist, the Sacraments, Commissions, Catechism Classes, Priests, Religious, Lay Leaders, Volunteers and well-wishers.  Besides we already use the Media – Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, Newsletters, magazine etc. In addition we have launched our website which will be a platform directing our viewers not only to our diocesan media but to all possible internationally widespread Catholic media.

Rev. Fr. A.A. Navaretnam, Our Diocesan Director for Social Communications worked hard to get this website done. I thank and appreciate Fr. Navaretnam for his effort and his unstinted labour of love. Let us encourage our faithful to go into this webpages and learn more about the diocese and the Church at large. Let us also contribute to this website by sending photographs and information about the activities of our   parishes, commissions, deaneries and diocese.

I cannot but mention Mr. Nishanthan who from 2011 has been insisting on launching a website for the diocese of Trincomalee. He is from Orr’s Hill parish but now lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Due to many difficulties we could not succeed. I thank him for his interest and support.

Let us be the joyful and vibrant “Keepers of the Flame of Faith” hit by our forefathers almost 127 years ago in our Diocese.

This is only a website. I urge everyone to learn and contribute towards proclaiming the Word in today’s consumerist world bringing a spark of hope, a spark of joy, giving healing to our broken world.

May God bless all viewers and bring them closer to Him.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Christian Noel Emmanuel,

Bishop of Trincomalee.

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